Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WELL! Its certainly been a long time since I blogged anything. Now seems like a good time to start again :) Big changes! Make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable.

Last Fall,  the hubby and I both expressed a want to relocate from the rocky isle of Newfoundland, my birthplace. We travel a lot and were looking to settle where that was easier to do so from, but where to go? The hubby and I are extremely fortunate to have careers that we can take with us anywhere we want to go so we aren't really limited to a certain place. You have to do the best with the hand you are dealt, but what if you are dealt a hand of wild cards? Like the blank wooden block in Scrabble, you have a staggering 26 possibilities of what to do with that block, not just one or two. Do you stick with the easy four letter word or do you invest the time and energy in to trying to use all your letters at once AND land the triple word score? I'm all about the quick and easy four letter word. I'll mull over my options for a few seconds and then I'll just pick something and put it out there. Its not about rushing to get through, I just like getting my word out in a timely manor and continuing the game. Not my husband, though, no sir. He will take all the time in the world, wring out every second of every minute to contemplate all possibilities that he has in front of him. He will consider every angle of available space on the board and what configuration of letters and placement will give him the maximum payout (of course there's a philosophical debate in there about who determines the appropriate amount of time for a recreational scrabble game but lets not go down that road). This might be the greatest metaphor of our relationship actually - me wanting to make a good choice but also not take longer than I think is necessary and him feeling no need to be rushed whatsoever like this is a decision that needs the upmost attention instead of a game we're likely playing just to pass the time. Alas, I digress.

Being faced with so many choices is as overwhelming as it is exciting. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a complaint. I am EXTREMELY lucky to have a nomadic occupation. This career affords me opportunities I could only dream about. But how do you go about choosing the right one? Of course you do some research but there are so many factors and variables. Any time I leave the safety of what is a sure thing in Newfoundland I never have a guarantee that I will get work at all, let alone nearly as much in some other destination. I guess it could be argued there is no loss in gaining the experience, even if the work is not as lucrative as you had hoped. That gain is priceless, until it starts costing you beyond your means. The urge to relocate, to set up somewhere fresh and new is like a siren's call but when does it become wanderlust and dangerous? 

As an avid planner, I find the uncertainly of what to do next hard to deal with. I have a really good thing going in St. John's. Other than the fact my parents and our friends are here, whom I am very close with, this province has been very good to me, even though the climate wears me down like the waves against the rocks! I certainly don't mean to imply the work and clients I have had is not enough to keep me satisfied. I am very grateful for all the wonderful people and opportunities Newfoundland has given me. I can't imagine a better group of people to work with or for. I know that if I never traveled another kilometer it would still be a full and satisfying life. How does it go about having your cake and eating it to? I never really understood that one. I mean I get it, you can't have it AND eat it because then you no longer have it so to speak. But honestly whats the point in having cake if you aren't going to eat it? You have it, you eat it and then it becomes a part of you. Even if it is another dimple in your ass, you choose to eat it and carry the extra pounds with you thus having the cake and eating it to you. I’m choosing to look at it that way... What if Robert Frost had more than two roads that diverged? Its that elusive 'Road Not Taken' that beckons to us, that patch of greener grass you tell yourself is just beyond where the eye can see. Of course theres the safety of where you already are with what you know, and lets face it- the grass will be greener where you water it (have I gone crazy with metaphors?) 

I made a short trip up to Truro in February past to visit my sister and see some clients. As always I had a wonderful time and as I left to fly back to St. John's I just couldn't stop thinking, why not here? The Hubby had expressed a love for the life here when we visited. He grew up in rural Australia so this was closer to the life he missed than we had been living in the city, even a small city like St. John's. We talked about it, did some research and decided to roll the dice and put things in motion. It was about four months of planning and tying up lose ends. Trying to prepare for the arrival in your new life - its daughting and quite the task. So much looming uncertainty - will I be as successful there as I was here in my business? Will we like the country life once the novelty has worn off? Only time will tell but we're willing to see. Almost two months in to our new digs and I gotta say, its pretty swell! We live in a village, not even a town and let alone a city haha. Its GLORIOUS! You know when you go for a mini vacation to a cabin, or bed and breakfast and its just so quiet, quaint and simple, you just love the tranquility and serenity so much? I LIVE IN THAT! Yep. Its glorious. It has just enough of everything I need: a mall, a theatre, lots of Tim Hortons! Now that we're all settled in to our new house in our new village, I guess its time to focus on the new shop! I'll be updating the progress and shenanigans of opening up Rolling Sea Tattooery probably more for my own amusement (and probably Dave's as he points and laughs) but feel free to check in from time and time and enjoy the adventure with me :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hey Hey! I finally got my website up and running so you can follow my blog at

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little lost but not forgotten..

Its amazing how quickly something can fall by the wayside. After the cupcake show I wanted to revamp my little blog page for my everyday life but...well....over a month later, I just have not found the time. What with keeping up on drawings for the tattoos that are booked and trying to purge junk while spring cleaning at home, and then just general social engagements, I just have no time left. I know, poor me right? I used to function on 6 hours of sleep but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Perhaps I need to cash on on this whole energy drink phenomenon....

This might be the most pointless blog post. Ever.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Off to the land of tea and crumpits

I think I'm still recovering from the cupcake show. I haven't painted anything since then. I did complete one portrait for Karl's bosses as a 'thank-you' gift but thats about as far as I've gotten regarding personal projects. My little art room is still pretty much in ruins and in dire need of some organization. But that will have to wait until I get back from ENGLAAAAAAND!

Yep - in 48 hours, my boss and I will be en route to Manchester for the annual tattoo convention. I honestly dont' know what to expect. Its a big convention with LOTS of international artists. Can you say networking?? I'd like to think I'm going to shop my ass off but I've heard its quite expensive over there so I'm not holding out high hopes :P I wish I was getting tattooed but again, not exactly swimming in extra income at the moment.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for pictures and video!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That's all folks!...or IS it...!

Well the show is over at least and it was a great weekend for all! The weather wasn't great, but opening night sure was! We were all overcome by how many came out to the opening reception and the cupcake buffet was spectacular - as was the amazing work contributed by the panel of artists. What a smorgasboard of stuff we had! There were paintings, stained glass, melted glass, drawings, paper mache, sculptures, knitted goods, crochet pieces, clay work, buttons, books, greeting cards and more! I couldn't stop squeeling during set up. All in all we raised over $1100 for Marguerite's Place!
The show was so well received by the artists and public who attended that I'd say this is not the last we've seen of the cupcake art show. But that is talk for another time ;)

For now I look forward to going to a wonderful workshop at the Paperie on March 1st on how to make cupcake greeting cards by the lovely Meghan! I strongly suggest you go! I can't believe how much fun I had making a few cards at the show this weekend!

On to other art projects I suppose, now that I've conquered my fear of painting! Here are the pieces I submitted to the show. A few are still available for purchase!

"Three's Company"
Foam, paper, pvc matted and framed.

"Cupcake and Beaters"

Hand knit cupcake patches
$5 each

Hand knit cupcake scarves
$35 each

Mini Cupcakes
Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas
*Prints of this piece will soon be available

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And we're back to counting down

I am a sleepy monkey. After being HORRIBLY disappointed that the snow bomb ruined the original show date, I spent the weekend doing some more knitting and getting things together. Not to mention a slight over load on work to rearrange my next weekend to accommodate the show. I am heading to Halifax in the morning for three days and then fly back Wednesday night and straight into Cupcake show production!
We're extremely fortunate we could even rebook it at the same place for the following weekend, but there have been hiccups I am trying to smooth out. Here's hoping we are still able to get a live weather hit opening night!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh, Weather come at the worst of times...

Well I've been steadily praying to every God I know of to let this forecast be wrong, but as the day passed, and it changes from an active weather watch to blizzard warning, I've all but given up hope.... Come tomorrow morning the weather is as awful as they are predicting then 'Get Baked' will be rescheduled to next weekend, Friday Feb 12-14 at the same location. But that call will be finalized in the morning.

So now, I go on to making a Lemon Herb Chicken Ring for supper and probably whipping up a few more doodads this evening will i pout. Perhaps Mother Nature is dieting and thus refuses this celebration of cupcakes to occur :P